Neck and Back Rehabilitation   Knee Rehabilitation   Shoulder Rehabilitation   
                                         Hip Rehabilitation
  Bulging Disc                            Sprain/Strain        Impingement           Joint Replacement   
  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome       ACL Injury            Rotator Cuff Tear     Bursitis
  Sciatica                                   Meniscus  Tear     Frozen Shoulder       Piriformis Syndrome
  Low Back Pain                         Tendonitis            Dislocation
  Spinal Stenosis                                                                                                            Other
                                                                                                                              Industrial Rehab
Elbow and Wrist Rehabilitation    Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation                        Wii Gaming For Balance
   Carpal Tunnel                                   Sprain/Strain                                               Headaches
   Tennis/Golfer's Elbow                       Plantar Fascitis                                            Migraines
Balance and Vestibular Disorders        Arthritis Conditions                  Neuropathy
   Fall Prevention                                          Balance Disorders                               
Vasyli Orthotics & Insoles    
Serius Strap
    These are just a few of the services we provide at our office.